5th July 2023 at 9:00pm

Website Update 2023

Hey it's blog 3!!!

I had this idea to make a wiki a few weeks ago; Collect all the information I've obtained on robot parts in an easy to reference format. As much as I like making videos, it's pretty annoying when a video is the only source for something.

So, I poked around a little bit, and found Tiddlywiki - It had everything I needed to write a wiki and host it on Neocities, my webhost of choice at this point. I could write it on my desktop, then export all of the pages as separate html files which would properly link to each other.

In theory.... There were some issues with the page linking not working properly when page titles had spaces, but between inserting underscores into page titles, and using the Giffmex no title tiddler, I managed to make it work.

Unfortunately, the Showname tiddler they made didn't seem to work in Tiddlywiki 5, but with their addon to delete the title, I could just use a

Header :)

to emulate a page title.

At the time of writing (July 5, 2023 in case it gets deleted at some point), I have completed: * Stomp_Bot_1 * Stomp_Bot_2 * Blastwave_Overview * Blastwave_I * Blastwave_II * Blastwave_III * Melon_Brawler

This is a long term project, but with pushing the writing parts off of HTML and over into Tiddlywiki, this makes blogging and writing for the site much, much easier.

However, the old homepage was looking a bit worse for wear (especially when I added the "wiki" tab at the top!), so I decided to rewrite the main site as well.

Rewrite is a strong word, when all I really did was take Sadgrl's Layout Builder, tweak the colors, and add some images.

It looks a lot better now, especially on mobile. I do not have the HTML chops to make a responsive and good looking website, nor do I wish to practice enough to do so, especially when there are still robots to build.

I have a lot more (moar :3 lol) blogs I want to write, there's a lot of development gifs of Thwimbly I've posted on Twitter that I want to archive on my own site, so that's a blog I'll hopefully get around to at some point.