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 5th July 2023 at 8:36pm

The Inaugural Blog

(originally posted summer 2022)

hey it's the first blog.

so i like the internet, but i also really kinda hate it too.

aside from the big sites (youtube, reddit, twitter, etc.) there's very few sites I frequent anymore. There's Equals Zero, a robot combat/van blog, but that's the only one.

so, in an effort to make the internet cooler, here is my site. The plan is to make this an archive of miscellaneous robot combat info, plus a good place to play the games I've developed. If you've somehow stumbled across this site without any knowledge of what Kepler Electronics is, here's a breakdown;

I started making videos about robots and stuff back in 2018, but also do gamedev and cosplay projects sometimes. It was initially a knowledgebase of VEX Robotics knowledge, but I've done basically everything I wanted to with VEX, so I've moved on. Now I work on combat robotics and make videos on that mostly, but I've also done cosplay stuff too (Metroid Arm Cannon and Portal Stories: Mel Portal Gun)

but I like to procrastinate from my robots by working on gamedev, so I've been working on this lil platformer thing a lot lately.