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 23rd July 2023 at 1:16pm


For an overview of Blastwave as a design, please go to Blastwave_Overview

Blastwave I was my first combat robot that incorporated 3d printing and custom 3d modeling. It was modeled in Fusion 360 during the spring of 2019, and competed at SCRC Kilobots Nationals in August 2019. After a disappointing showing, this robot would be swiftly retired and work begun on Blastwave_II.

This robot was originally supposed to have massive tires, the Botkits_Wheels, but these proved to have too much grip, and the small motors were unable to turn the robot. These were swapped out for the Fingertech_Hubs.

In addition, the robot was supposed to have a "beater bar" weapon, which is a rectangular-ish bar, but this proved to be too expensive to manufacture, and a simple cylindrical drum was used instead, as this could be easily made with a lathe.


  1. Lobotomy (Undercutter)

Lobotomy's undercutter hit my lids, knocking the bottom lid off and getting tangled in my weapon belt. As my bottom lid was off, and my battery was now dragging around (the worst place when fighting an undercutter!), Blastwave was disqualified due to a fire hazard.

  1. Taserface (Vertical Saw/Spinner)